Early on, Larsen Packaging learned valuable lessons operating as a distributor of corrugated products and shipping supplies. In this role, Larsen and its customers were at the mercy of their vendors’ erratic lead times. The desire to improve their customers’ expected turnaround times inspired Larsen to gain control of product availability and quality by adding its own manufacturing operations. Today, it’s the Midwest’s rare “hybrid:” a manufacturer that distributes shipping products and a distributor of shipping products & e-commerce packaging that manufactures them, too.

This helps organizations like yours in two ways. Larsen’s “double role” means it can help you shorten your packaging lead times, which can mean the difference between your customer deliveries being on-time or out-of-luck. This versatility also helps Larsen provide programs at manufacturing price levels that leave your other packaging suppliers scrambling to keep up.

  • High-speed 2-color Rotary Die-cutter (non-joined items, hand holes, corrugated trays, specialty items)
  • High-speed 2-color Mini Flexo/gluer (for small to medium size boxes)
  • 2-color Flexo/folder/gluer (for medium to large boxes)
  • High-speed Gluing Capabilities (with in-line taping features, too)
  • Stitching Capabilities (superior strength and adherence over gluing)
  • In-line Taping Abilities (e-commerce packaging with multiple closures for returnable packages)
  • Jumbo Lineal Feed Press (large boxes in any volume or heavy duty, triple wall appliance-style boxes)
  • Specialty Folder Gluer (can produce auto-bottom boxes, 1-2-3 boxes, glued trays, and more)

Whatever your needs are, chances are Larsen has the process and pricing to keep you ahead of your competition…and firmly planted in your customer’s homes and offices.


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