Larsen Packaging Products, Inc. builds sustainable and environmentally friendly practices that go far beyond the packages we manufacture and warehouse. Sustainability is woven into the very fabric of our business. This commitment can be seen in our:

Engineering and Design: Our custom-designed packaging is engineered to be both resourceful AND effective, using both virgin and recycled materials. Plus, our design process prevents material waste in breakage while maximizing the packaging volume carried by our trucks and yours.

Process: Our goal is to fully-utilize every resource available whether materials, manpower and energy consumption including motion-activated lighting for our 103,000 sq ft warehouse.

Materials: One of the most durable forms of packaging, corrugated products are naturally environmentally friendly and economical, too. Additionally, Larsen Packaging Products, Inc. has invested in a plant-wide scrap collection system designed to recycle corrugated board products. We recycle 100% of scrap materials through a modern trim collection system that shreds and bales all waste produced in the manufacturing process.

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